Note-All monetary proceeds accrued from booking of The Pooja’s and The Aarti’s go directly to Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust. IND Spiritual does not retain or withhold any amount whatsoever with them on this effort.


Shiv the Conqueror of Time and Death, Shiva is known as the destroyer god because he removes all evil from the world, Among the thousand ways to seek benediction and love of lord Shiva , Rudrabhishek is a worship giving him a sacred bath with many materials including Curd, Honey, Milk, Bael leaves and Flowers along with chanting of holy Rudra from Yajurveda.

Rudra is associated with 11 Rudras which were created by Lord Shiva. Kapaali, Pingala, Bhima, Virupaksha, Vilohitaa, Ajesha, Shavasana, Shasta, Shambu, Chanda and Dhruva. As Lord Shiva created the 11 Rudras, he was addressed by the name Rudra. Abhishekam is usually performed to a Lingam representing his manifestation as a creator of good (by destroying evil).

In all the Vedic scriptures the Rudra Abhishek puja is considered as the greatest spiritual puja. This yagya gives the worshiper a miracle result to bestow prosperity, remove negative energies, purify soul, and give protection in life.

Procedure of Rudrabhishek Puja and Yagna

Swasti Vachan, Shanti Path, Sankalp, Ganesh Sthapan, Lakshmi Sthapan, Kalash Sthapan, Lord Shiva Sthapan, Navgrah Sthapan, Brahma Sthapan, Agni Sthapan, Invocation of all Gods & Goddesses, Navgrah Mantra Japa (1 mala for each planet), 11 Path of Rudra with Chamkam, Lord Shiva's Abhishek with 1008 Bilva Patras (offered as Archan), Homam with Ghee, Sugar, Til, Oats ( Jow ), Ashtagandh, Sandalwood powder, Navgrah Samidha and then Lord Shiva's Aarti, Prasad to Brahmins.


45-60 minutes