Note-All monetary proceeds accrued from booking of The Pooja’s and The Aarti’s go directly to Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust. IND Spiritual does not retain or withhold any amount whatsoever with them on this effort.

Who is Lord Shiva, in all his magnificence and luminosity? Who is He that inspires undying devotion and love all over the world? Lord Shiva is at once everything and nothing. He sits on the Kailash mountain and places his gaze upon the world with the greatest benevolence and steadfastness and when required the greatest fury! The brilliance of the clouds, the rain, the sky and the moon surround him. He is more masculine than any other being and sweetly feminine to the core. He is desired by all, revered by all, feared by all and the ultimate destroyer of that is unnecessary and negative in the world.

Oh Lord Shiva, how do we name him? He is known in myriad forms and lovingly referred to as Trilokesh, Kripanidhi, Rudra, Pashupatinath, Devadhidev, Vamdev, Dakshineswar. Vishnuvallabh, Rameshwar, Sukshmatanu, Shankar, Mahakal and Jagadvyapi amongst others. He is infinite eternal.

In the stories of the Lord Shiva Purana, we see the miracles of the Lord in a thousand constellations and there are lessons on life and the world that would be of benefit to his devotees once they are read in their exhaustive entirety and will deep care and concentration.

He is Vishwanath, the Lord of the world. Without him there would be no purity in this world, he destroys whatever comes in the way of goodness and remakes the world as it should be. Devotion to Lord Shiva is mystical, magical and ensures a sanctity that is not found anywhere else. There is only one Vishwanath, in his oneness, in his sway over all that is codified and sanctified in the universe. He is mystical, magical, eternal. We can all claim him and yet he remains elusive. He ensures only one thing: we are safe in his care and the world that he presents to us is the best version of itself. We owe him everything.