Rudrabhishek-Reach to the LORD

Shiva, the epitome of unconditional love and destruction is worshipped by the multitude for a variety of reasons and in numerous forms. As a prime demonstration of love and devotion to Lord Shiva, the Rudra Abhishek is the holy bathing, cleaning, and embellishment of his idol. The Rudra Abhishek puja is perhaps the dearest to the mighty Vishwanath’s Rudra avatar in the Hindu Vedas.

Typically, this puja is an ancient Hindu Ritual to please Rudra, the destroyer form of Lord Shiva. The practice involves offering milk, ghee, honey, curd, and mustard oil to a Shivling. Furthermore, devotees sing holy mantras and perform the rite of beautification of all Gods and Goddesses Rudra Abhishek puja is a sacred puja that offers prayers to Lord Shiva to bring happiness and complete contentment to the life of a devotee. It helps to discard hurdles and struggles and leads the devotee towards enlightenment.

The ancient mythological tales from Treta Yuga tell the story of Lord Rama in exile and away from Goddess Sita. While in this state, he built a Shiva Lingam to express his greatest devotion and seek Lord Shiva’s blessing before the battle of Ramayana. Lots Shiva blessed him and removed all hurdles on his way to victory over Ravana.