Proceedure of Rudrabhishek Puja

The puja starts by pouring gangajal on the Shivling and then the other material meant for the puja like the ghee, curd, milk and so poured on the shivling one after the another. The puja starts by performing a homa on the fire. The priests gather for the puja. They pray to other gods and goddesses like Lord Ganesha, Maa Durga and so on. The devotees also chant mantras for the puja. After all this is done, the shivling is placed on the altar and he is to be worshipped.

In the end special dishes are offered to Lord Shiva. Also, the gangajal collected from the Abhishek is sprinkled on the devotees. It is believed that this gangajal is a blessing of lied Shiva. It will clear all sins and bad omens from a person. All through the puja, devotees chant "Om Nama Shivaya".